The College of Geosciences grew out of the Exploration Department of Beijing Petroleum Institute established in 1953, which was the predecessor of the Department of Geosciences of China University of Petroleum (Beijing). In 2001, this department evolved to College of Geosciences.

The college consists of Departments of Geology, Department of Petroleum Geology, Department of Geochemistry and Environmental Science, the Research Center of Basin and Reservoir, and the State Key Laboratory of Petroleum Resources and Prospecting. The college has a staff body of 131 including 41 professors and 53 associate professors. 85% of the staff holds doctor’s degree. The 39 professors include four academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences, two specially-appointed professor of the Yangtze River Scholar Plan and one chief scientist of 973 Project. From 1953 the college has cultivated more than 10,000 talents specialized in oil and gas exploration and development. Currently, the college has 810 undergraduate students, 833 postgraduate students, 135 PhD discipline students and 20 Post doctor students. The college currently offers two Bachelor programs, eight Master programs, and two Doctoral programs.

With a balanced development of teaching and research, the College of Geosciences aims to build itself into an internationally influential research group and to cultivate more talents specialized in Geosciences and Environmental Sciences. 

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